Fibreglass flat roofing – it's really tough stuff!

When we ask people if they’ve heard of fibreglass flat roofing (GRP), the chances are they’ll say no. When we ask them if they’ve ever seen a canoe, a fish pond or a wind glider - they soon know what we’re talking about!

GRP – or glass reinforced plastic – is made from a mixture of fibre glass and glass polyester resin. It’s a complicated process which involves glass fibres being spun or stitched into a matt.

Flat Roof

As a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about the fibre glass process, but you do need to ask yourself these simple questions to determine if a fibre glass flat roof is right for you:

  1. Want a flat roof you can stand on without fear of damage?
  2. Need a fibre glass flat roof you can rest your ladder on to clean the windows?
  3. Looking for a flat roof that’s not going blister in the summer or shrink in the winter?
  4. Fancy investing in flat roofing that compliments your current colour scheme?
  5. Eager to buy a flat roof solution that’s hard wearing, but easy on the pocket?
  6. Keen to upgrade today, safe in the knowledge a flat roof will last you for the next twenty years?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above questions, then a GRP fibre glass flat roof could be just what you need...

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Shine this summer with a GRP Roof.

Let your house shine this summer with a fibreglass flat roof.

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